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    Best Toys for Educational Purpose in India

    For babies ages 1 to 18 months, the mouth is the most important way  for gratification. At this stage of growth, babies will try to put everything into their mouth. Parents shouldn’t forbid their babies from doing these, instead they should allow this because it can bring significant impact on a child’s emotional development especially regarding trust issues.

    Toys, toys and more toys, just knowing what to buy can be a daunting task for sure. And before you know it the holiday season will be upon us and you could find yourself scrambling to purchase best toys in India for 2 year old without a clue as to what to look for. Every year, just like clockwork, a list of predicted top-selling toys,  hits the media like a ton of bricks, months before the holiday season “officially” starts. With so many toys on the market it’s not always easy for parents or anyone, for that matter, to keep up with all the different types of  educational toys available, let alone which ones are the most popular.

    toys for kids 2017However, not all things that a baby might grab on is safe for them to gnaw. Choke hazards are the most common threat that a parent should worry.  Fred not, Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Teether is here to save the day! This wonderful teething toy is suitable for babies to nibble. Not only is it amusing but it has some educational benefits for your growing little ones too.

    Sophie The Giraffe is intentionally created for teething infants.  But its advantage extends beyond pacifying babies’ cry. This toy supports them in infusing their emotional and intellectual senses. As we all know, the teething phase of babies can cause a lot of discomfort for them and their cries are signs of their needs and frustration. If these negative feelings are not constantly address, it might affect the total development of the kid most especially in emotional aspect. So, how can this little toy assist in babies need to bite?

    Best Toys Features

    This toy is made with 100% natural rubber, so it is soft and safe to chew. Babies will be very fond to masticate on this toy because all parts (ears, legs, horns and tail) are coated with food paints. It is proven non-toxic so no worries of toy poisoning. This is one handy plaything to soothe the baby’s tender gums throughout their teething days.

    toys for 2 year old KidAnother major benefit of this toy is that it can also stimulate the baby’s other senses.  For infants ages 2 to 4 months, the vision is not quite clear and can  only  focus on those highly contrasted colors. Due to the bright and high contrast of Sophie’s shade, this provides them with visual stimulus that eventually helps them get familiar with the object.

    Sophie also squeaks when it is squeezed. This amusing sound can prompt the baby to respond to the environment and when babies engage with it consistently, they will adapt and recognize the connection of cause and effect. Furthermore, because Sophie has a supple touch, it can elicit psychological and affecting bond which promotes comfort, growth and healthy well being of the baby.

    Additionally, Sophie’s baby-friendly size of 7 inches as well as her elongated neck and legs makes it easy for the child’s little hands to grasp and grip the thing. Sophie The Giraffe has an alluring scent too, which will eventually leave an impression on the babys little spongy brain which will help it distinguish the toy from their other toys.

    There are also some concerns regarding her claimed safety as a toy. For one, mothers should be tested to see if they have an allergy to latex because this type of allergy can be inherited by the newborn. If the mother is positive to latex allergens then Sophie may not be an ideal toy for them. It is relatively pricey for a baby teether but I’d rather purchase a costly plaything made from natural and safe material than risk the baby’s health. Over all, I think Sophie is a good teething toy and I am sure your child cant let go of Sophie The Giraffe after one bite.

    Best Fun Toys For 2 Years Old

    Finding the best fun toys of 2017 for 2 year old can be quite a difficult task. In this article we will be discussing about what all features you need to have in fun toys, that your 2 year old kid will enjoy. We will also make a list to make your task little easier for this holiday season as you may find many unique ideas for your little kid. Experts agree that even babies benefit from toys. For the curious kid who always wants to understand how things work, the Worx Toys vehicles (there’s also a racecar and fire truck) and storybook systems allow a child to do just that. All kids need Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in their life. Toys that require climbing, pushing, pulling and riding for toddlers to help improve their motor skills. Infants use their senses to learn about their world.

    Educational toys in IndiaEach vehicle is made of durable translucent plastic that allows kids to see what’s happening inside, and has more than 20 light and sound features triggered by entering codes that activate different parts of each vehicle. The show is brilliant and fun, and the toys are even better. Balls to throw and kick, and tunnels to crawl through are all good choices. For the first few months of life, babies are unable to grasp objects with their hands, but enjoy exploring with their ears and eyes. This TMNT blimp vehicle holds 5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes action figures (not included) and inflates to 30″ long.

    These toys will grow with your child throughout their pre-school and kindergarten years helping to improve their hand-eye coordination. Therefore, toys that make noise or feature high-contrast, black-and-white or brightly colored images are especially appealing to newborns and young infants. The turtles are able to rappel down from the blimp to unsuspectingly sneak up on their foes. Making sure a toy will be safe should always be a primary consideration. A potential downside, though, is that many plasma sets suffer from image retention: When images are displayed onscreen for extended periods, say a few hours, they can temporarily leave behind a faint imprint.

    Safety involves obtaining and evaluating knowledge about the toy and the child. For most TV content, this isn’t much of a problem. Is the toy age and developmental level appropriate? But many games use static images—health bars, head-up displays, and onscreen radars, for example—so image retention can be an issue. Does the child have any allergies or physical and cognitive limitations that would make some toys or toy features inappropriate? What is the size and weight of the toy and how does that match the child’s limitations? Does the child become fixated on particular toy features or are they likely to place objects in his or her mouth?

    Educational Toys in India

    Educational toys are a great way to help kids enjoy and boost academic skills, creativity, and confidence, all while having fun. When your child is young, keeping them safe is a key priority especially where toys are concerned. Experts agree that even babies benefit from toys. In short… in kids’ world play help them learn about themselves and their surroundings… and educational toys are the tools they use to do that. Today’s toy designers are finding more ways to engage the attention of children and truly make playtime a learning experience.

    • It’s really important to be aware of small parts and other hazards.
    • Infants use their senses to learn about their world.
    • Nowadays these toys are so cleverly designed that their feel, size, shapes, colors, interactions and the way our child handles and plays with them encourages specific physical and mental actions.
    • To find the right educational toys for the children in your life, it is necessary to understand how different products appeal to different ages, and to evaluate prospective purchases accordingly.
    • So refer back to our buying guide index, we’ve put together a toy safety guide to help.
    • For the first few months of life, babies are unable to grasp objects with their hands, but enjoy exploring with their ears and eyes.

    These toys bring out a specific response from our child… which is precisely what we want. The five senses-sight, sound, smell, taste and touch-help baby gather information about his world and process that information. Make sure you read it carefully before you go toy shopping. Therefore, toys that make noise or feature high-contrast, black-and-white or brightly colored images are especially appealing to newborns and young infants.

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