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    Baby Carriers – The benefits and how to choose the right carrier for your baby

    Children are our future, and the future of the world.  Because of this, we have to make sure to take care of them the best we can.  We also have to find ways to take care of our children while still living our lives.  The Baby Carrier is a great product for doing just that.  It is a strong and safe carrier that will make it effortless and enjoyable to bring you little one with you as you go about your daily errands.  One of the best features of this product that every parent can appreciate when dealing with a growing child is that the carrier is very lightweight.  This makes sure that you never feel like carrying your baby is a burden. When buying a baby carrier in UK, there are certain things that should be kept in mind. In this guide we will discuss about what features you need to look and we will also review the best baby carriers of 2017.

    Choosing the Best Baby Carriers of 2017

    Baby Carrier UKCarriers are also handy if you like to get out and about to places a pushchair can’t reach. Baby wearing is a great practice for keeping baby happy and to help build a stronger bond between you and your baby. A pouch sling is a piece of fabric sewn together at the ends and folded to form a pocket in which your baby nestles. A padded carrier (pouch) of firm or soft material worn on the body. Carriers make going for walks over rough ground or getting around the shops a lot simpler.

    • Infants love the snug hold of being carried on your chest, and toddlers often love to be carried on your back.
    • Pouch slings go over one shoulder like a sash, and your baby sits in the pouch on the front or back.
    • These allow your baby to snuggle up in the face-in position.
    • Escalators and stairs are no longer the challenge they are with a pushchair.
    • Carriers allow you to keep your baby close and content while leaving your hands free to perform other tasks.
    • A ring sling is a piece of fabric that threads through two rings, forming a loop.

    Types of baby carrier

    Most allow you to position your baby facing out, which allows more freedom of movement and greater visibility for an older baby. The downside, though, is obvious. Wraparound slings come in two different lengths. The sling goes over one shoulder and is fastened by pulling the fabric through the rings Features to Look for: -Well-padded, adjustable shoulder straps -Sun shade to shield baby -Ergonomic design puts baby front and center – and close enough to kiss -Wide base strap -Wide seat for baby. Some moms prefer the cozy comfort of a basic baby wrap, while others want the multiple carrying positions (and extra support!) a soft-structured wrap offers.

    Ring sling
    ring sling baby carrier 2017They are generally easy to use and to adjust for different wearers, but are more limited in the range of positions for the baby. You have to carry your baby all the time, as well as any other baggage you may have, such as a changing bag or your shopping. Longer lengths allow a wearer to wrap the ends around his or her shoulders, which more easily distributes a baby’s weight, but takes longer to tie. A carrier makes life with a newborn easier, whether you’re at home or on the move. Seats and shoulder harnesses on backpack carriers are made of moisture-resistant fabric.

    Baby wraps

    baby wrap UK
    This can be a problem if your baby is on the heavy side. Shorter lengths are tied very quickly, but are meant to be worn over just one shoulder, which can become uncomfortable when worn for longer periods of time. Ring Slings are one of the most well known and versatile styles of baby carrier around. Many models have multiple positions for the wearer as well as the child. Some parents only use a baby carrier when their child is small – newborn through six months or so.

    Benefits of baby carrier

    These slings are generally knotted to secure the slings. A length of fabric is threaded through two rings for safe and secure carrying. The carriers usually have densely padded shoulder straps and hip belts, storage compartments, sun/rain hoods, and toy loops. Other parents continue to use a carrier well into the toddler stage. An upright position is great for babies with reflux.

    top baby carriers UKNo need to rethread each time; just pop it on and pop baby in. Extras may include a changing pad, a removable diaper bag, a rear-view mirror to watch your baby without removing the pack, a removable insulated bottle holder, a detachable pillow so your child can nap on the go, and multi-storage compartments for baby gear. You’ll get the most out of it before your little one learns to walk and wants to roam free. The slight pressure on the tummy from being worn also helps with gas issues. Ring slings offer parents a variety of different carrying positions and are particularly good for younger babies.

    One of the benefits of baby carrier over stroller is that You can just carry your baby anywhere you want, unlike strollers where there is a limitation. And you can just take your baby anytime without thinking about the preparation. The only advantage of stroller over baby carrier is that you cant jog. So if you want to stay active and do jogging, You can buy a top jogging stroller in UK. Baby carriers are generally very safe. Most parents swear that baby carriers are a lifesaver, so you really can’t go wrong adding one to your registry. A colicky baby is more easily soothed when snuggled and rocked in a carrier. Not only does the cosy hammock position keep baby close to your heart, it’s easy to breastfeed in transit and take a sleeping baby out without waking. However, the improper use of carriers, and wraps and slings in particular, can lead to a dangerous situation called positional asphyxiation.

    Features to look while buying baby carrier

    The guide has been created after extensive research by our panel of experts, who have spent weeks analyzing and testing every kind of baby carrier available out there. It is also much easier on a caregiver’s arms to have the carrier help with the holding. Many ring slings come with a free instructional DVD guide, light shoulder padding for long term wearing comfort and a very wide choice of fabrics. This can result in suffocation. Each baby carrier has its own benefits and pitfalls.

    Carriers can go many places more easily than a stroller: maneuvering in crowded places, walking the dog, hiking, sightseeing, and using public transportation are all made easier by using a carrier instead of a stroller. The designing of a carrier should have your security and that of your baby in mind. Be sure to keep your baby’s face in clear view, consult your doctor on use with very small newborns, and read and follow all instructions for your carrier. There are various baby carriers suited to various situations. Simple hip baby carriers have a canvas seat that sits on the hip, a shoulder strap that swings around the body like a sling, and a strap that fits around the waist.

    They should be sturdy for daily use without undue wear or tear. Look for good lumbar (lower back) support like a sturdy waist belt and well padded, wide shoulder straps; this will help to spread your baby’s weight evenly as they get heavier. Here we present to you, highly reliable, organized information, which is easy to understand and quick to refer, so you can choose the baby carrier that is just right for you and your baby. With less fabric than a sling and higher weight limits than most front carriers, hip baby carriers make a low-hassle choice for carrying older babies and toddlers who can sit upright unassisted. A good one should hold the baby in a way that allows easy breathing.

    Most carriers offer a weight range of 7-25lb, but some go up to 44lb for heavier babies and toddlers. By far one of the most versatile baby carriers on the market, woven wraps are usually made from 100% Oeko-Tek certified fabrics and are engineered with babywearing in mind. It’s always recommended to check the safety label upfront. Think carefully before you pay more for a longer use model and whether you’ll realistically be able to carry a toddler. What do all those fancy words mean?
    That this wrap should have little (if any) give so that babe stays safe (no matter what type of carry you are doing) and mama stays comfy! You can use these wraps for the newest baby’s as well as your pre-school aged children (yes, they are that strong; and yes, you will be comfortable in them!)

    Best Baby Carriers in UK 2017

    Kelty K.I.D.S. FC 3.0 Frame Child Carrier

    The most precious thing in the world to you is your child. You don’t want to just protect it; you also want your baby to experience the world as soon as possible. The Kelty 3.0 Frame Child Carrier is just what you need to do that. It is tough enough and comfortable enough to handle long hikes. The best feature of this great baby carrier is that it has highly advanced suspension and adjustment features to make those times on the trail even more enjoyable. It is specifically designed to allow you and your baby to go for a long hike.

    Especially known for its framed backpacks, Kelty is a large company that has been making top quality and affordable outdoor gear since 1952.  They manufacture a huge range of products that can make the outdoors accessible to everyone from the most experienced hiker to a child on their first nature walk.


    • The carrier has a top of the line advanced sophisticated suspension system to make it as comfortable as possible.
    • The back panel is ventilated for cooling and the shoulder straps are padded and the hip belt is ergonomically contoured.
    • The carrier’s frame and seat are both covered in fabric that breathes well in order to let you stay on the trail without getting uncomfortably hot.
    • Your baby is held securely and comfortably in place with a five-point adjustable harness.  The carrier also has a sun and rain hood as well as a zip-off diaper bag.
    • This carrier is built to handle a 50 pound load, making it quite strong.  It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Who is it best for?

    It is specifically designed for families that love the great outdoors.  It is designed to let your baby experience the wonders of nature as soon as possible so that when they grow up, they will already be in love with it.

    Baby Carrier Pros and Cons

    The carrier is a really great choice for anyone that wants a rugged carrier that will be safe, comfortable, and also has many convenient features to make trekking through the wild with a baby a little easier. This child carrier has a high load limit.  Also, it has many different adjustments that can be made to ensure that the child is safe and comfortable.  It is also designed to minimize heat buildup and to allow as much breathing as possible.

    However, it does come at a cost of weight; it is heavier than a frameless carrier. Continue reading Baby Carriers – The benefits and how to choose the right carrier for your baby

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